LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Not sure about LED Lighting? Think you’d like to try LED but expecting it to cost you a fortune?

This LED globe WILL save you money


Scenario: A floor lamp in a lounge room using a 75W globe. Average use – 4.5 hours a night. Aurora currently charge just over 26c per kW hour.

Your 75W globe costs you just over $30.00 to run, for the year.

Replace that globe with a 9W LED alternative. It looks much the same, gives you the same amount of light and allows you to choose between a soft, warm white or a bright cool white. It is also only using 9W to do that, instead of 75W.

The 9W LED globe will cost you around $4.00 to run, for the year. Now that’s a saving of $26.00 per globe. How many light globes do you have?

Now available in 9W Dimmable

9wdWe NOW have the 9W Tubular available as a Dimmable Globe in ES CW, ES WW, BC CW & BC WW.

Here’s the offer!

If you haven’t tried LED lighting as yet and you’d like to purchase up to 5 of our 9W tubular globes (75W alternatives) to test them out, we’d like to make it even more affordable for you. Mention that you have seen this page on our Halleys Website and we’ll happily give you a 10% discount on that purchase. Now what could be better than that.

We respect your honesty, limited to one offer per customer only please.

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