“ I’ve just had light fittings installed, only to find out they’ve been placed in the wrong spot and are not providing the right light !!! ”

Has this ever happened to you?

We hear these types of stories all the time. Whether its completing a DIY project, or leaving decisions up to the builder or electrician, homeowners often find out that the wrong choice has been made when determining the light fitting and/or its placement. Please don’t let this happen to you. Instead, give us the opportunity to help you make the right choice. Our consultation team has forty years of experience between them and they can come to you for FREE! Alternatively, if you are planning to build, have our team prepare a lighting plan as part of your house planning process. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Lighting Plans

Our lighting plans are created with the individual in mind and are focused on getting all the right light in all the right places. If you’re a business, you have an obligation to give your staff enough light to work safely, plus you want it to be impressive too! If you’re building or renovating a home, bringing your plans to us before the plaster goes up will ensure you get all of the wiring in the right places, keeping installation costs to a minimum. (Please ask in store for conditions.)

On Road Consultations

Nothing beats an on-site consultation. It gives us a chance to get a real feel for what you’d like to achieve and consider any external influences that don’t show up on a plan like reflections from surrounding objects or an architectural feature that you didn’t realize could be breathtaking with some smart lighting. Take advantage of our complimentary on-site consultation – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
Halleys Van

Efficient Lighting Solutions

Did you know that switching your existing light globes to LED could pay for itself, on average, within 2 months – that means from month 3 you’re keeping more money in your own pocket. Our team are continually educated on the most recent advances in lighting and associated regulations to ensure you’re getting the best solution. In addition we only source lighting that has passed all Australian Standards for peace of mind on warranty, insurance and the safety of your family.

Find Your Ideal Fitting

You never know where inspiration may come from. You might see an article in a home magazine, lights on a TV show or even some at a local café. If it excites you, the challenge to track it down excites us. Just take a photo of it, send it to us and we’ll track down either the exact fitting or something very similar. You can send it to

The Four Halleys Ingredients

Range Our range is 100 times larger than our store! Halleys have access to more suppliers from around the world than anyone in Tasmania.
Advice Whether it be one light, a house lot or industrial need, we have the expertise to help you get the right solution with thoughtful design.
Quality We wouldn’t install a light of a safety or quality standard less than we’d install in our own home.
Price Our customers are often delighted at how inexpensive the purchase of a light can be and even happier when they realise they’ll be more efficient and save on runnings costs too.

About Halleys

Halleys Lighting & Design is Tasmania’s foremost lighting specialist, family owned and operated for over 60 years. We are located in Devonport in North West Tasmania.
Whether interior or exterior, commercial or domestic, we offer practical lighting solutions to suit your individual style and budget. Our showroom has an extensive range on display, from the classic through to the outrageous.
From a single globe to an entire redevelopment project, Halleys have the products and services to work with you every step of the way ensuring you are equipped with the right information and products to make an educated choice. Please browse through our site, or contact us directly, for more information on any of our products and services.